Giving a child medicine can be a daunting task to accomplish. If you are a parent struggling with the process you will then have to invent new ways or ask a pediatrician for some help with the matter. Most children hate the taste of medicine which can make things rather difficult for you. Here are some strategies you can use to give your child medicine:



You can give the medicine by administering it to the back of the tongue. This will avoid any bitter or sour taste buds too. You can quickly place the spoon or the dropper in the cheek. This will also make it harder for the child to throw or spit the substance out. Think about this strategy carefully.



You can use some sugar in a spoon which can be used to hide the taste of the syrup. It is a great way for you to camouflage the taste as well as the smell of the medicine. Some doctors even prescribe syrups which will have a fruit taste which will help the child to swallow it quickly.



Most kids will base their decisions based on how the syrup looks like. If your child is someone who hates medicine then you must try to refrain from taking poking it down their throats. Try to cover it in some food coloring or some food to make it look more appealing and interesting too.



You must try to stay away from the mouth area. If there are substances that your kid doesn’t like to swallow at all then it can cause problems to you. You can use suppositories which can be embedded in the backside or the anus. Try to weigh your child first in order to determine the correct dosage of medicine which must be taken.



You can try to use a sticker which can be attached to his body or face each and every time the child decides to have some medicine. You can even let the kid draw an image of a jungle on the paper which will make it interesting. You can even encourage your child to finish the art to show it to the doctor. Remember to think about the different strategies which you can use in order to help your child take his or her medicine. It is important that you do use these strategies at hand. If you have your own ones then use them on a regular basis.

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